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Jergens is the industry leader in Workholding Solutions.  With a reputation of uncompromising quality standards, they are committed to helping customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing.  They continue to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to "Manufacturing Efficiency"

Jergens tooling components can be found in just about every industry around the world.   Their engineered solutions like the patented Ball Lock® Mounting System have changed the way that manufacturers worldwide think about productivity.

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The Ball Lock® Mounting System is the industry's most popular quick-change, fixturing-flexible mounting system that can be configured to create lean-optimized solutions for your most demanding requirements.

Ball Lock® provides a method for quickly and accurately locating fixtures onto machine tables.  Fixtures can often be exchanged in less than a minute and with position repeatability of +/-0.0005" (+/-.013mm).  Fixtures can be exchanged between different machines when both are using the Ball Lock® Mounting System.

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