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Experts in Solving Workholding

& Tooling Challenges

We are full service Manufacturer's Representatives dedicated to a hands on approach to customizing the best solution for your manufacturing projects.



Got Lift?...  We Don't!

Now Available in Manual and Hydraulic Styles

If you are tired of jaw lift, we have the solution.  The Jergens family of Fixture-Pro® vises are engineered to be the ideal solution for low profile five-axis workholding.

Quick change jaws incorporate a pull down feature to actively minimize jaw lift. 

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We Are Now Representing

Metalloid Corporation!

Metalloid is a single source supplier of Metalworking Fluids formulated with consideration for the environment, health and safety.

Their extensive product line covers all of your fluid requirements from cutting lubricants to those designed to keep your shop clean and safe.

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We Are Excited To Announce SGS's New

H-CARB Seven Flute High Efficiency End Mill

This new end mill series specializes in deep axial trochoidal and high-speed machining applications

and is offered in various lengths of cut.

Milling Just Became Dynamic!


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Updated Full Line Catalog Now Available Digitally


Quickly find the information that you require about any of the thousands of SGS solid round carbide cutting tool products.

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Easily search or browse for part numbers, descriptions, features, and product dimension information.  You can also download images, drawings and literature.

Bookmark the site today to place the information that you need at your fingertips!


New Catalog and New Product

SpinTech Tools is the only North American source for Neidlein products and the new catalog is now available digitally on the SpinTech website.

SpinTech is also the only North American source for Atling Steady Rests, innovative,

industry leading solutions for long shaft turning applications.

Have special Face Driver specifications?  Now is the time to design your custom solution.


Motor City Industrial Marketing is Michigan and Southwestern Ontario's full service Manufacturer's Representative.  We specialize in tooling and application solutions for businesses ranging from high tech manufacturing to every day job shops.

Manufacturers that we represent offer the latest in workholding, abrasives, and metal cutting to improve our customer's productivity. 

All of our products are available through select local distribution.